Litchfield in 1910
Litchfield in 1910

Litchfield, Nebraska was founded on May, 20 1886.  The Lincoln Land company purchased the 240 acres of land from John Kisling, Mrs. Rebecca Powell, and L.D. Engleman.  The land was the feature that brought most of the settlers to Litchfield.  After the land was surveyed the town of Litchfield came to life.  There are three unproven theories on how the town of Litchfield got its name.  The first theory was that a guy that worked on the railroad was from Litchfield, Conneticut and since the railroad went through town they named it after the place he came from.  The second theory was that there were people from Litchfield, Minisota that settled in Litchfield so we named it after where they came from.  The third theory was that a family, or person had the name of Litchfield and so we named the town after them.  The first building brought to Litchfield was from Enoch Gowin’s farm near Cedarville.  This building was owned by J.T. Campbell and Mr. Gowin started a real estate business.   The next building was the Litchfield Post Office, which was established as a United States Post Office on June 19, 1886.  Soon after the railroad and the town of Litchfield was established, a newspaper was founded to record public event, provide quick communication, and link the businesses with the general public.  Along with the new businesses and  newspapers, schools and churches were being formed too.  Over years the schools in Litchfield have grown and changed with the growing town.

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